Why we are closing down


At the end of June we will close the étoile home website. It was a long hard decision to choose to close a company that has been the focus of my passion and hard work for such a long time.

The economic climate has made it impossible for me to continue with the business in its current format. No matter how hard I have worked the income from it has not been sufficient to merit the time I spend away from my family affecting our quality of life.

We have decide to move to a small fishing town in Nova Scotia, Canada to fulfill a dream of opening a shop, I'd also like to keep designing prints and renovating houses.

I will miss London very much it has been my home for 19 years and the place I built my career, fell in love, got married, and had my daughter.  Part of my heart will remain and hopefully a little piece of étoile home will be with you for some time to come.

Thanks for all your support and your good wishes and remember to keep supporting small businesses. It has been a pleasure to have you as my clients, suppliers, collaborators and friends. 

You can follow our new life on our blog www.thesalthouseproject.com and on Instagram at @thesalthouseproject

See you soon, Shani